Our Counselors

Our therapists provide individual, couples, family counseling, group therapy, and practical-living classes.

Dean Nakanishi

I believe that we are created for wholeness: mind, body, and spirit. This world, circumstances, and we cause fractures and injury to all three of those elements of our being. When we are rightly related to our Creator, to others, and ourselves then we can operate in the fullness of life that we are meant to experience.

Joellen Kenyon

"I find in my work as a therapist that in today's society we are becoming more and more anxious and depressed. Relationships are full of brokenness and conflict. I work from a relational and play therapy approach with my clients.

Justina Wilcox

Sometimes life goes exactly as planned and other times we face unexpected curveballs. This can result in grief, loss, depression, anxiety and more. When this happens, life can seem daunting and insurmountable but there is always hope. With a caring ear, guidance, & therapy methods that fit your situation, the challenges of life can be a catalyst for growth, healing, and joy!

Ereny Murray

Counseling Intern
I believe that anyone can find strength and hope, regardless of their situation, pain, or challenges. It is important to me that you feel heard, seen, and known on your journey.

Randy Scott

Counseling Intern
The counseling relationship creates a space for being supported, respected, valued, and dignified. Using therapy methods and developing skills restores hope and provides for growth and thriving. I’ll be privileged to come alongside you with care and empathy to assist with life navigation.