Our Counselors

Our therapists provide individual, couples, family counseling, group therapy, and practical-living classes.

Mei Sims

Mei strives to provide a safe place for hurting individuals to heal and to equip them to make life changes.

Rachel Caulk

I believe healthy and functional lives are built on the foundation of relationships. We all flourish when we live in connection with others.

Mark Tiefel

I believe that trust is integral to the counseling process. Therefore, I strive to create a genuine and compassionate setting to assist and guide clients.

Dean Nakanishi

Counseling Intern
I believe that we are created for wholeness: mind, body, and spirit, and that only when we are rightly related to our Creator, to others, and ourselves can we operate in the fullness of life that we are meant to experience.

Steven Tracy

Counseling Intern
We all face tremendous challenges in life, and often ones we need help overcoming or understanding. I know this to personally be true and I hope to use my experience to help you become more resilient to life’s challenges and to walk with you in your journey towards mental health.